How Kevino Does Test Running on Rubber Tire Gantry Crane?

For safe and smooth running, before delivery of rubber tire gantry crane after finishing fabrication, Kevino will do necessary test running in the factory..

Jun 16, 2021 Read More

60t Tires Mounted Gantry Crane has finished test running

60t tires mounted gantry crane has finished test running, it will be shipped to customers' worksite across oceans...

Jun 09, 2021 Read More

How Kevino ensure the camber as fabricating overhead cranes?

How we ensure the camber in fabrication of overhead crane? Click below article to learn more about us..

Apr 01, 2021 Read More

How to reconnect overhead crane main girder segments?

For convenient transportation in container, we have to implement segmented design of main girder. After fabricating is finished, main girder segments are connected with high strength bolts...

Apr 01, 2021 Read More

4 Diamonds to Help Kevino Start Overhead Crane Business

Recently I always remember one traditional Chinese Word No diamonds, no porcelain work. Why is it like this? Because porcelain is very very hard to drill a hole, only the hardest diamond can do that job. So the word also means Only do thing..

Mar 04, 2021 Read More

Adults ’sense of security can only be given by themselves

Heart-broken fact!Adults ’sense of security can only be given by themselves! ..

Jun 08, 2020 Read More

How did we spend the bad time as outbreak of COVID-19?

Hey Guys, how are you? Greetings from Brenda, I am in Zhengzhou city, China. Currently most of companies are opened, just schools have not started yet. In past two more months, my country has been suffering the attack of COVID-19. And it ha..

Jun 08, 2020 Read More

Tires mounted gantry crane

Have you ever used tires mounted gantry crane made in Kevino? Tires mounted gantry crane is a better choice as you do not want to lay rail tracks on the ground. Main features of tires mounted gantry crane from Kevino: 1.Flexible moving with..

Jun 08, 2020 Read More

Welcome to Zhengzhou

Kevino is founded in Zhengzhou city, Henan province, China. We do not only supply reliable overhead and gantry cranes, but also provide most economical and effective plans to help solve after-sale problems. Today i want to share something a..

Jun 08, 2020 Read More

What are services you could get from Kevino?

About service team of Kevino: Currently there have 7 members in service team of Kevino, all members have rich experience of operating, installing, debugging and repairing hundreds sets cranes, some of them have finished the job excellently..

Jun 08, 2020 Read More

Tips to keep you away from COVID-19

Currently COVID-19 is attacking most of countries in the world, with extremely contagious feature, it causes a lot of panic and anxiety. Even though specific medicine is not be developed, some simple and easy tips are still helpful to keep..

Mar 30, 2020 Read More

Kevino website debut

Today Kevino makes its official website debut in Zhengzhou city, China. Since its foundation in 2019, Kevino has been involved in the field of crane designing and supplying. Its main fields are as below:..

Mar 30, 2020 Read More

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