(1) Q: What is your after-sale service?

A: Kevino has reliable and continuous after-sale service for all overhead cranes and gantry cranes sold by us.

Usually the quality warranty period is 12 months after finishing installation and debugging. During the quality warranty period,

1.Once spare parts with quality problems are found, they will be replaced immediately with free charge;

2.Parts problems caused by improper operation will be replaced with some charges;           

3. Quick-wearing spare parts will be consistently and continuously supplied with a best price


(2) Q: How do you help install and debug cranes used in other countries?

A: Nearly 90% of overhead cranes and gantry cranes from Kevino are exported to other countries.

 To reduce the inconvenience caused by remote distance, Kevino usually adopt below measures:

1.Installation drawings and electrical drawings submitted for reference;

2.Test-running of cranes after installation in the factory before delivery, which help us check product working conditions in advance;

3.Two technicians will be sent to guide install and debug cranes in the worksite, but customers shall prepare related auxiliary equipment like truck crane, welding tool,etc.


(3) Q: How do you charge for guide installation and debugging service?

A: Kevino will send two technicians to guide installation and debugging of cranes in the worksite. All fees like salary, traffic fees, food and accommodation, etc. shall be in your account.

Salary standard: USD150 per person per day.


(4) Q: Why shall we choose you?

A: Undoubtedly you have many choices.

While I think you choose us is mainly because we are a right “match” for you. Our products  meet your demands, and you also agree with our value and product philosophy.


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