4 Diamonds to Help Kevino Start Overhead Crane Business

Mar 04, 2021

 Recently I always remember one traditional Chinese Word ”No diamonds, no porcelain work”.
Why is it like this?
Because porcelain is very very hard to drill a hole, only the hardest diamond can do that job.
So the word also means “Only do things you are good at”.
Exactly, doing things you are good at, then you can do it better, which are proved in each and every field.

My field is about fabrication and supply of materials handling equipment like overhead cranes and gantry cranes.In past 2 years, I keep thinking “what is our diamonds? What is diamonds of Kevino?” Until we harvest the first order from one big group company after 6 months,some new views about us come out.
Yes, Kevino is a small trading company. But we have some big diamonds.
Core Diamond: Quality comes first

How we protect the core diamond?
Diamond 1: Traceable suppliers for each part of machinery.
From steel plates sourcing to outsourcing parts sourcing, all parts (models/suppliers/contact information) from qualified suppliers shall be recorded and archived, which will be convenient for checking each part and ensure consistent spare parts supply in future

Diamond 2: Kevino has a professional design team with 3 experts
2 of them have been worked in the field more than 15 years. In past years, they participated in the design and manufacturing of overhead cranes and gantry cranes more than 1000 sets.
One engineer has about 5 years working experience, but he is good at Finite Element Analasys Software, which will help a lot when we need to check the bearing loads of some machine parts.

Diamond 3: The cooperation factory with more than 10 years fabrication experience
In China, there have many goods factories targeting in domestic market.
Our cooperation factory Dematgc is one of them. Dematgc is one professional manufacturer of overhead and gantry cranes with more than 10 years experience and its productivity could reach 200 sets per year. European type overhead and gantry cranes from them are very popular in China market. In recent years, they even get qualifications to become one agent of Demag brand.
In practical design, we will combine self-made main girder,Demag trolley/hoist and famous electrical system. By operating like this,the optimal price/performance ratio is realized.

Diamond 4: Perfect and consistent after-sale service
Our service just begins since delivery of the equipment.
Our main customers are from remote overseas market. To solve the problem of distance, Kevino has been trying hard to build service team locally. Currently we already have service teams in Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. They mainly supply inspection and maintenance service for local customers.

With these diamonds, Kevino could start the business of overhead cranes and gantry cranes. But if Kevino want to go further, the support from customers are most important.
Now we have enough confidence like the diamonds, we have strong cranes like hard porcelains,
would you like to be our customers?


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